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Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Packing your goods yourself which you want to ship to the storage units can be a little cost-effective, but there are many packaging rules that you should abide by to avoid any problems later. You might think that these packaging rules are just regular ones that everyone is aware of, like closing the box tightly, or using an air-tight container, or using small boxes, but it's so much more than that! You must know that there are some dos and don'ts for every process, similarly, the packaging process has some strict dos and even more strict don’ts! A major part of these rules contains items that you should never pack in a storage box. You might be wondering what these items are. Well, some items can be easy to guess, while some items out there are such that will surprise you with its presence on the list!

You need to totally make sure that your storage boxes are safe to be shipped, because there are some items out there that might seem extremely normal, and safe but they might end up creating a huge mess! While you can google it up anytime, it is definitely better to ask for a list from the warehouse company, or the storage box company that you are renting the containers from. But, if you want to take some initial precautions, then this blog will totally help you. Make sure to read this blog till the end to get a basic idea of the items that you should never pack in your storage box. So, without any further ado, let’s jump directly into that list!

1. Hazardous Items:

Now the first one is the most basic, yet the most important one. Everyone knows that you should totally avoid hazardous items because they are simply dangerous. Even for household storage, such items can be dangerous. So strictly avoid hazardous items, be it for long time storage, or short term storage, or even self-storage. Moving them can be quite dangerous as well. These items include acids, batteries, fertilizers, charcoal, poison, gasoline, ammonia, loaded guns, paints, motor oil, chemicals, and other such items. Make sure to avoid such items because they are dangerous, and can cause serious damage to the storage units.

2. Plants:

Did that shock you? You might wonder, what harm can a small plant possibly do? Well, some states have some laws regarding the import or export of some plants. This is strictly to prevent the spreading of any pests, or any plant-bore diseases, or some harmful insects as a matter of fact. Moreover, it is not ethically right to move some living being in a storage box.

3. Perishable items:

These include some perishable commodities, mostly food items. This has obvious reasons, like spoiling the food being on the top of the list, then there is an unnecessary raid by rats, cockroaches and other bugs and we are very sure that you won’t be really pleased by that! Besides, it will be a huge waste of food, and it has really no point. This includes milk, frozen or refrigerated food items, canned food, butter and dairy products, pantry items, etc.

4. Valuable items:

Last but not least on this list are valuable items. Now you might wonder, why valuable items? Actually these items are really delicate and you should ensure maximum safety of these items while moving. There is a high chance that these items could break, or get damaged. Moreover, these items are valuable, and you should not move them just like that. These items include money, cell phones, jewelry, documents, electronics, photo albums, documents, fur material, and other such things.

So, this was a basic list of items and things that you should not, rather, never pack in a storage box! Make sure to remember this, because precaution is better than cure! If you liked this blog, make sure to read the other blogs on our website, and if you are facing any storage problems, we are always here to help.

Also, do let us know, what according to you is the item that one should never pack in a storage box? We would love to have a little chat in the comment section!


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