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Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions:

    1.  "The term "Company" refers to Solvely.22 Private Limited, a registered entity under the Company's Act of 2013, which offers storage services under the brand name My Storage Space.

    2.  The term "Customer" pertains to individuals, companies, firms, or any other entities for whom the Company provides storage services.

    3.  "Goods" encompasses property entrusted to the Company by the Customer, and their storage is subject to the terms and conditions outlined herein."

    4. “Storage Space” refers to the physical area within our facilities where the Customer's goods are securely stored

    5. “Additional services” include, but are not limited to, packing, transportation, inventory management, manpower assistance, and last-mile delivery, which may be offered by the Company in addition to storage space. These services are subject to the terms and conditions specified herein.

    6. “Payment Plan” refers to a flexible arrangement offered by the Company where customers have the option to choose from various billing frequencies, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments. 

  2. Modification to Terms: The Company's Storage Terms and Conditions will apply to all interactions between the Company and the Customer concerning storage services. These terms may be updated by the Company periodically, with or without prior notice.

  3. Storage Service:

    1. As per the rules set out in our storage terms and conditions, the Company agrees to accept, keep, and give back the items following the reasonable instructions provided by the Customer.

    2. The storage term commences on the day the Company receives the goods. 

    3. These Terms of Service remain in effect as long as the goods or materials are stored at the company’s facility.

    4. The Company may store the Goods at its discretion in one or more buildings at its storage location. Please note that the allocation of a specific location within the Company's Storage Facility does not guarantee that the Goods will be stored there.

    5. Company may provide additional services to Customer as requested and as agreed. Any additional charges for such services will be provided to Customer in the quotation and will be invoiced to Customer in addition to any storage charges agreed. Additional services include, but are not limited to, packing, transportation, inventory management, manpower assistance, and last-mile delivery, which may be offered by the Company in addition to storage space. 

  4. Service Fees & Payment Terms:

    1.  The Customer hereby commits to remit payment to the Company in accordance with the rates as mutually agreed upon in the provided quotation.

    2. Payment for storage space and additional services must be made in advance on a monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/annual basis depending on the payment plan chosen by the customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

    3. The Customer also acknowledges their responsibility to cover additional storage and packing costs for items not explicitly specified in the quotation. These charges for additional items will be computed by the Company and shall be considered as final.

    4. The Customer must pay the Company within 7 days of receiving the invoice, unless both Parties have agreed otherwise in writing. 

    5.  In the event that any invoices remain unpaid after their due date, an additional late fee, equivalent to flat 10% of the outstanding amount, shall be imposed.

    6.  If it becomes necessary for the Company to engage a collection agency or legal counsel to retrieve any unpaid sums owed or to facilitate the enforcement of the lien provisions outlined herein, the Customer shall bear the responsibility for covering all associated fees, including those of the collection agency and/or attorney, as well as any related court costs. These fees and expenses shall be applicable irrespective of whether litigation proceedings are initiated.

    7. The storage fees will be subject to a 5% increase every 12 months from the date of commencement of the storage term unless both Parties have agreed otherwise in writing.

  5. Payment Delays and Item Handling: 

    1. If you fail to clear your dues to the company(including late fee or interest) on time, we have some actions we can take regarding the items you have stored with us.

    2. Lien on Items: If you have unpaid bills, we have the right to hold onto your items until the debt is paid in full. During this time, your items are stored at your risk.

    3. Access and Inspection:If you don't pay, we can access your storage boxes and check your items.

    4.  Potential Sale: If your dues remain unpaid for 60 days from the due date, here's what can happen:

      1. We might sell your items to someone else, but we'll give you a 10-day notice with the amount you owe.

      2. If you don't settle the debt and interest within 10 days, we'll proceed with selling the items.

      3. We'll use the sale proceeds to cover our selling costs and pay off your debt. Any remaining balance will be kept for you (without interest) for up to six months.

      4.  If we can't contact you to return the balance after six months, we'll keep it, and you can't claim it.

      5. If the sale proceeds can't cover all the costs and debt, you need to pay the remaining amount within seven days of our request.

    5. Selling Items: We'll sell your items using reasonable methods to get a fair market price, considering the costs involved.

    6. Abandoned Items: If it's not practical to sell your items or they don't sell, you authorize us to treat them as abandoned and may dispose of them at your cost.

    7. Collection Costs: You're responsible for covering the costs we incur during the debt collection and item sale process. This includes auction costs, removal expenses, cleaning fees, and charges for our time.

  6. Prohibited items for storage:

    1. Any food or perishable items, living creatures, weapons, arms, or ammunition, items emitting fumes or odors, valuable items like gold, silver, jewelry, currency, ivory, precious metals, or stones, illegal substances, flammable materials including liquids and gasses like diesel, petrol, oil, gas, artificial fertilizers, or cleaning solvents, hazardous materials such as chemicals, radioactive substances, biological agents, toxic waste, asbestos, or any other dangerous substances. Additionally, any items that contravene applicable laws or regulations in any way are also not allowed for storage.

    2. We have the right to refuse the collection, storage, or delivery of any items if we believe they don't meet the terms of this agreement or if they pose a risk to people or property.

    3. We or our contractors can open storage boxes and their contents under the following circumstances:

      1. If we suspect they contain prohibited items (as listed in section 6.a).

      2. When required by law, a court order, or a competent authority (e.g., police or fire services).

      3. If it's necessary to prevent harm to people or property.

    4. If items violate section 6.1:

      1. We can choose to open them, return them, give them to law enforcement or government agencies (including police and fire services), dispose of them, or take any other appropriate action at our discretion, without liability to you.

      2. You're responsible for covering all costs, expenses, and losses incurred by us due to such violations, and you must pay these amounts upon our request.

  7. Access & Security:

    1. The Customer is welcome to visit and inspect their stored Goods at the Storage Facility, provided they give the Company a prior notice of at least 3 working days.

    2. To safeguard your belongings, the company has implemented comprehensive security measures: 24/7 surveillance through advanced CCTV systems, ensuring constant monitoring, installation of industry standards for fire safety, trained security personnel are on hand, routine pest control measures are in place to protect your items, and the company’s facilities are weatherproofed to shield the customer’s possessions from the elements. 

  8. Ownership of goods:

    1. The Customer affirms that they are the rightful owner and/or possess legal authority over the Goods submitted for storage. The Customer further certifies that they hold exclusive legal entitlements for storing, releasing, and issuing instructions concerning the delivery or disposal of the Goods. 

    2. Additionally, the Customer agrees to inform all parties acquiring an interest in the Goods about these terms and conditions. Furthermore, the Customer commits to indemnify and absolve the Company from any claims brought forth by third parties relating to ownership, storage, handling, delivery of Goods, or any other services provided by the Company. 

    3. This indemnification encompasses legal fees and expenses incurred in response to such third-party claims, irrespective of whether litigation is initiated or not. The Customer is also responsible for furnishing all necessary documents to confirm ownership of the Goods and to verify their identity.

  9. Customer Obligations & Declarations:

    1. The customer is responsible for confirming that all taxes and duties applicable to your items have been paid. Should the company need to cover any such duties or taxes on your behalf, the customer agrees to reimburse the company accordingly.

    2. It is the customer’s duty to adhere to Customs regulations concerning the customer’s goods. Any violations of these regulations, as well as any resulting losses the company incurs, including legal actions, expenses, costs, claims, and demands arising from non-compliance with this section, are the customer’s responsibility.

    3. The customer confirms that all the information included in the customer’s inquiry is complete and accurate & all the provided documents to the company are true to the customer’s knowledge.

    4. The customer also ensures that they will only purchase services from the company if the customer is at least 18 years old.

    5. The company kindly requests the customer to arrange for any necessary dismantling work before the pickup by the company. If the company or its vendors assists in dismantling furniture items, please note that the company is not liable for any damages that may occur during the process.

    6. For the storage of motor vehicles, customers are required to provide the original motor insurance policy and a photocopy of the RC book. The responsibility for timely insurance policy renewal lies with the customer.

    7. In the case of valuable items such as paintings and antiques, a separate valuation certified by a government-registered valuer is necessary. The cost of valuation is the customer's responsibility.

    8. The customer agrees to authorize the company to relocate these goods between warehouses if deemed necessary.

    9. The customer agrees to ensuring that the company and/or our contractors have such access to customer’s premises (including free parking facilities) as may be reasonably required to carry out the Storage pick-up & delivery Services;

    10. The customer agrees that no illegal or morally objectionable materials, as per Indian laws, will be stored, nor any items that require specific licenses for storage.

    11. The customer provides consent to the company to conduct an inspection of the goods before accepting them into storage.

    12. The customer agrees to power off the Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Water Purifier, and Geyser 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up date. They must ensure these appliances are moisture-free and dry by the pickup time. The Company disclaims responsibility for any fungus issues found after delivery if the appliances are not handed over in the specified condition.

    13. The undersigned authorized the company to send various information, alerts, SMS, calls, or commercial communications to the provided telephone numbers. This authorization applies regardless of whether these numbers are listed on the National Do Not Call Registry or similar lists. The undersigned also confirms that they will not hold the company or its third-party service providers liable or initiate complaints under the Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference (TRAI) Regulations of 2010 or any applicable regulations, including amendments, as may be applicable from time to time.

  10. Termination of Storage:

    1. The Company reserves the right to terminate the storage services and request the removal of the Goods, either in part or in full, by providing the Customer with a written notice at least seven (7) days in advance, unless both Parties have agreed otherwise in writing . The Customer is responsible for settling all charges associated with these Goods within the stipulated period and for arranging their removal from the storage facility upon payment of all dues. Any advance payments exceeding the total charges will be refunded to the Customer after necessary deductions (if any). If the Goods are not removed within this period, the Company may exercise its legal rights, including the possibility of selling the Goods.

    2. If the Customer wishes to terminate the agreement before the agreed-upon tenure, there will be no refund of storage charges already paid for the remaining period. To terminate the storage services with the Company, the Customer must provide 7 days advance written notice, unless both Parties have agreed otherwise in writing.

    3. To prevent the storage service charges for the next cycle, the customer is kindly requested to submit a withdrawal request at least seven (7) days before their next invoice date, unless both Parties have agreed otherwise in writing.

    4.  If a withdrawal request is submitted by the customer after the invoice is generated, they will be responsible for paying the rent for seven (7) additional days if the withdrawal date falls within this fifteen-day period, unless both Parties have agreed otherwise in writing.

    5.  If the withdrawal period extends beyond the fifteenth day from their invoice date, the customer is obligated to pay for the exact number of days until the date of withdrawal, unless both Parties have agreed otherwise in writing.

    6. The delivery of stored materials will exclusively be made to the Customer or to an individual authorized by the Customer. In cases where a third party is designated for retrieval, the Customer is required to inform the Company through their registered email address and provide supporting documents, such as the ID proof of the designated individual.

    7. It's important to note that a request for the removal of stored materials will only be considered confirmed once the company acknowledges it.

    8. In the event that the customer elects to engage a third-party representative for the transportation of goods, other than the Company's designated services, it is expressly understood that the Company shall bear no liability for any damages sustained during the transit of said goods. The customer assumes full responsibility for the choice of their representative and any associated consequences

    9. Additionally, the refund will only be processed once the Customer provides documented evidence of the cancellation of the registration related to the leased premises and shares any applicable TDS Certificates with the Company (if applicable).

  11. Liability:

    1.  The Company shall exercise a reasonable standard of care for the Material, equivalent to what a prudent person would employ under similar circumstances.The Company will not be held liable for any loss or damage to stored Material, except when such loss or damage is a direct result of the Company failing to meet this standard of care. In such cases, the Company's liability, if any, for loss, damage, or destruction to part or all of the Material stored under this agreement, shall be limited to one month's rental charges.

    2. If the Company is unable to provide any of the services outlined herein due to factors beyond its control, such as acts of God, public enemies, legal processes, strikes, lockouts, riots, civil commotions, or other reasons provided by law, the Company will not be held responsible for the failure to execute those instructions or services.

    3. The Company shall not be accountable for damage resulting from gradual deterioration, normal wear and tear, pre-existing conditions, transportation-related scratches, corrosion or rust due to moisture, atmospheric or climatic conditions, or damage caused by electrical or mechanical breakdown during storage.

    4. Please note that as the Company does not assess the working condition of electronic goods (e.g., TVs, Music Systems, Computers, Laptops) or electrical items (e.g., Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Ovens, Mixers), it cannot guarantee their functionality after delivery. My Storage Space is solely liable for any physical damage incurred during storage.

    5. Regarding our Storage Services, please note that the company does not have knowledge of the true value of the customer’s items. Thus, the company strongly recommends the customer to arrange additional insurance coverage for goods, beyond what the company offers. Upon receiving the goods back from the company’s storage facility, it's crucial that the customer inspect them for any loss or damage. If the customer identifies any issues, it's essential to promptly inform the company within 48 hours of withdrawal. The company may need to conduct inspections and document any damage before the customer can proceed with an insurance claim.

    6. It's important to understand that the company will not be held liable for any loss, misdelivery, or damage to the customer’s goods resulting from various factors, including legal actions, errors or misrepresentations by the customer or their representatives, inherent vulnerabilities, addressing issues, or delays in accepting delivery. In the event the customer makes a claim for their goods, the company reserves the right to request proof of its cost price and current replacement cost.

    7. In no circumstances will the Company be liable for the loss or damage of items like documents, stamps, securities, artwork, heirlooms, jewelry, or any other high-value or unusual items unless a separate written agreement is made between the Company and the Customer specifically for these items. 

    8. Unless there is a written agreement stating otherwise, the Company will not be responsible for storing goods in an environment with controlled temperature or humidity. The Customer acknowledges that the goods will be stored in a place without controlled temperature or humidity and accepts this. 

    9. The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage to the goods resulting from changes in temperature or humidity at the storage facility. Additionally, losses or damages to perishable goods will not be covered unless there is a prior written agreement before the goods are stored.

    10. The company provides services and storage boxes for the customer’s personal use only. The customer agrees not to use them for commercial or business purposes. The company is not responsible for any loss of profit, business interruption, or similar business-related losses.

    11. The company won't be liable for various types of indirect or consequential losses, such as loss of profits, data, business opportunities, goodwill, or savings.

    12. If there's any loss or damage to the goods stored with the company, the company’s liability will be limited to the assessed value of the goods itself, and shall be limited to Rs 500/item or Rs 25,000 in total whichever is lower. 

    13. The company’s total liability for any breach of this agreement, including loss or damage to goods during collection, storage, or return, will not exceed the value assessed and shall be limited to Rs 500/item or Rs 25,000 in total whichever is lower.

    14. Unless stated otherwise in this agreement, the company excludes all implied warranties and conditions to the maximum extent allowed by law. This means the company is not responsible for ensuring that the services are suitable for the customer’s specific needs.

    15. The company and its affiliates have no liability and will make no refund in the event of any delay, cancellation, strike, force majeure or other causes beyond their direct control, and they have no responsibility for any additional expense, omissions, delays or acts of any government or authority.

  12. Insurance Coverage:

    1. The General insurance coverage extends exclusively to natural calamities, fire, and theft. It's important to note that if the customer fails to provide the value of their goods when preparing the inventory during pickup, the company will not be liable to provide any coverage for such goods.

    2. Please be aware that the General Insurance policy does not encompass loss or damage occurring during the transportation and handling of goods within the warehouse. For such damages, kindly refer to the section 10l or 10m under Liability.

    3. If the customer is looking for insurance for goods beyond the liability of the company, the company can arrange insurance (via 3rd party insurance) for the customer’s stored goods up to the amount specified in the declaration of value of goods provided by the customer, but the customer will need to cover the cost of this insurance.

    4. If the customer doesn’t opt for additional insurance, the company’s responsibility, if anything happens to the stored goods, will be limited as per section 10l or 10m under Liability.

  13. Notices:

    1. Notices from the company to the customer will be in writing and can be sent through registered email, delivered in person, or sent by mail to the customer’s registered email and postal address.

    2. If the customer needs to send the company a notice, it should also be in writing and can be delivered in person, sent by mail, or emailed to

    3. When it comes to timing, a notice is considered delivered at the time of personal delivery or 48 hours after it's sent in the mail. For emails, it's considered delivered when sent unless the company receives a message saying it wasn't received by the customer.

    4. The customer should let us know in writing if any of the customer’s billing details, contact information, alternative contacts, authorized persons, insurance details, or access details change or need to be changed in the company’s records.

  14. Force Majeure:

    1. The company will not be held responsible for any failure to fulfill its obligations under this agreement due to events beyond its control, such as natural disasters, fires, war, civil disturbances, labor disputes, actions by government authorities, changes in laws or regulations that affect the company’s ability to perform.

  15. Privacy Policy:

    1. The customer’s personal information is used strictly in line with the company’s Privacy Policy. The company strongly recommends reading it since it contains essential details that apply to the customer.

    2. To make the company’s services as efficient as possible, the company may utilize location-based services. Any information gathered from the customer through these services will be handled and stored according to the company’s Privacy Policy. By agreeing to these Terms, the customer is giving their consent for the company to use these location-based services.

  16. Confidentiality:

    1. Both parties must maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive information shared between them. This rule will continue to apply even after this Agreement ends. The company may also share Confidential Information with Government or Regulatory authorities without notifying the customer beforehand.

  17. Intellectual Property:

    1. The company holds all the intellectual property rights related to the Storage Services.

  18. Fraud Protection:

    1. As a part of the company’s order processing procedures, the company may carefully review incoming orders to detect potential fraud or any unauthorized or unlawful activities. Please be aware that the company retains the right to decline processing an order if the company suspects any fraudulent or unauthorized actions. 

    2. Furthermore, the company may also choose to cancel accounts or decline shipping to specific addresses if there are suspicions of fraudulent or unauthorized activities. These precautions are in place to safeguard both the customer and the company from the risks associated with fraud and unlawful actions.

  19. Governing Law:

    1. The laws of India govern these terms and conditions and the courts of Bangalore shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

  20. Acceptance of terms:

    1. While filling the client onboarding form, by clicking the submit button, the customer accepts the terms and conditions as listed here.

  21. Other terms:

    1. The use of headings in these Storage terms and conditions are for ease of reference only. Headings shall have no effect and are not considered to be part of or a term of these Storage Terms and Conditions.

    2. If applicable, the customer may deduct TDS for the services provided by the company, under section 194C of Income Tax Act, 1961.

    3. This Agreement is exclusively between the company and the customer, and no other party has the authority to enforce its terms.

    4. If the company does not insist on the customer’s compliance with any of the customer’s obligations under this Agreement, or if the company does not assert its rights against the customer promptly, or if the company delays in doing so, it does not mean that the company have relinquished its rights or that the customer are exempt from fulfilling those obligations. If the company chooses to waive a breach on your part, the company will only do so in writing, and it will not automatically mean that the company will waive any subsequent breaches by the customer.

    5. Each section of these Terms functions independently. If any court or relevant authority determines that any of them are illegal or unenforceable, the remaining sections will remain fully valid and enforceable.


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