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Updated: May 11, 2023

Packing Boxes for Storage

Shifting into a different city, or even moving to a different home can be quite hard. In this process, you might have to deal with a lot of hardships. The hardest thing can be sorting out your goods, keeping them in a safe space, and ensuring their security. Well, that can be hard when you have to deal with so many different things at the same time! In this situation, looking for a storage space can be a good solution. They keep your goods safe, secure and that saves a lot of time, energy and money from your end, because, let’s be practical, renting a whole room just to store your goods can cause a huge strain on your budget in such a tight situation! So, opting for a micro storage space, or a warehouse unit can be a life saviour!

While they will take care of all the shipping, safekeeping, and moving of your goods, you should be the one to decide how to pack them. Well, that can be a little confusing, because they say the prepping is harder than the process itself! Wondering how to pack your goods for this transition? Well, here are the best ways to pack your things for storage:

1. Decision making: First things first, you have to decide which goods you want to send to the storage space. Those items which you need on a regular basis have to stay, and those that won’t need for quite some time can go to the storage unit. Start by sorting your goods into categories. This will even help you to declutter and get rid of unnecessary mess.

2. Containers: You need to make sure that you use proper containers before you send them off to a storage unit. Air-tight containers are the best option for delicate items. Make sure to pack them properly, and ensure that the lid of the container is closed tightly.

3. Make a note: Make sure to use separate containers for different categories of goods. On the top of each container, stick a note to label them. You can separate goods like books, clothes, utensils, delicate items, and so on.

4. Clean: Cleaning and dusting is also an important part of this prepping process. Wash your clothes, clean the dust off of your vessels, wrap your books before putting them into the container. This ensures that there is no damage because in storage units they will be kept in boxes, and it will be opened only when it gets back to you.

5. Furniture: If you are deciding to send off your furniture to the storage unit, make sure to clean their surface, dismantle them into smaller parts, use bubble wraps to ensure maximum safety and then place them in cardboard boxes.

6. Proceed in order: From bigger boxes to smaller, make sure to assemble everything in order. Avoid using huge containers if you can use smaller ones, because it will create problems for you to declutter them later.

7. Electronics: If you are packing electronics for sending them to a warehouse, make sure that you use anti-static wrapping, preferably use the original boxes to store them, use thermocol balls to fill up empty storage in the box, and seal the boxes really well to protect them from getting damaged.

8. Avoid perilous items: Go through the manual before packing your goods, because there are some things that you can’t store. Flammable objects, food items, perishable commodities cannot and should not be sent to a storage space.

9. Dry your items: Make sure that your items are fully dried before packing, else they will get damaged with time.

10. Conditioner: For leather or such items, make sure that you use a storing conditioner to save them from crumbling and damaging. Leather is delicate and it needs extra care.

So, these were ten tips that will help you to pack your things properly, and in the best way for storage. If you liked this article, make sure to read other articles on our website. They are all fun and useful!


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