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The world has undergone a massive change, during the lockdown phase. Most of it had a really bad impact, but we just cannot deny the fact that there is always a silver lining! Yes, the bad overpowers the good, but the positive outcomes just cannot be overlooked. One of these positive sides is the growth of the ecommerce business. This has paved a lot of employment opportunities for the youth, and has brought up a sense of ease and convenience in our daily lifestyle.The growth of the ecommerce industry has led to the growth of another business, which is flourishing each and every day in the whole world, India included. This is the warehousing business.

Now, what is a warehousing facility? It is simply a business where the facility of storage is provided, for your household goods, for business space, and for automobile storage. It is simply renting a safe space for storing your delicate goods, just like you rent a room for yourself. This business has been there for a long time, but it got all the spotlight after the pandemic struck the world. After all, the world had to adjust to the new normal!

There are many warehouse storage units all over the country, which have been spread out in different cities. They facilitate the small manufacturers, business owners, and others to store their goods in these warehouses. This really sorts a lot of problems. Due to lack of space, your commodities, or delicate goods can be damaged or hampered, so it is always better to ensure their safety, by shipping them into these warehouses. The warehousing facility also includes packaging or shipping the goods by the warehousing company itself. So, most of your problems are sorted there. This warehousing facility also helps in convenient distribution, easy tracking, and sorting of goods for the manufacturers and business owners.

In India, Bengaluru is the largest growing city, in terms of the warehousing business. Most of the ecommerce businesses are based here, due to which warehousing units are booming in full grace! The COVID-19 situation only boosted the inevitable. The world is advancing, and even if the pandemic wouldn’t have struck down the world, the flourishing of ecommerce business was inevitable. Thus, the warehousing industry would have also grown, and it is great news that we can expect greater progress and augmentation in the near future.

Monica Matthias, the director of Hoysala Projects and Farook Mahmood the chairman of FIABCI India believe that the warehousing industry would be one of the most profitable ones in India, and Bengaluru would still top the list because it is embracing this prospective industry like no other city! The units located closer to the National Highway 4 are in a greater position, because it easily connects those units to Mumbai and Chennai.

The law of economics states that greater demand equals greater supply, and the demand for the warehousing facility is quite high, due to the increased demand of goods, that requires manufacturers to store and centralize the packages. The warehousing industry has also boosted the real estate business, thus providing a win-win situation for many. Most of the land has been bought and sold in the real estate market for the warehouse units. There is a huge surge in demand, for availing the warehousing facility and this will only lead to a better future for everyone.



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