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5 Things You Must Do Before Moving Into A New Apartment

Moving into a new home is always a tedious process. What do i keep? Do i need this anymore? How should i pack all this stuff? What kind of transport do i need?

Learn about self storage and how it can make this process easier for you.

What is Self-Storage?

Simply put, self-storage units are compartments where you can store the stuff that won’t fit in your house, apartment or place of business. Self-storage has the advantage of being affordable,secure and convenient, giving residential and commercial customers additional options for storing their possessions rather than relocating, selling or discarding their excess. These units are great for storing items that aren't in use at home, or for temporarily housing things that need to be stored until you can move them into a new space.

What is the need for Self Storage spaces?

There are various reasons why people are in need for Self Storage spaces to store their belonging in a clean and secured place.

  • People mostly look for self storage spaces when they plan to renovate the house or moving to a new house or planning to sell the house or they just want to make more space at home, by removing unwanted items and store in a secured place.

  • Some people may have to travel to different city or country on a business trip or some may go on an adventure vacation may will need a place like self storage facility to store their belongings.

  • Self Storage facilities not only deal with household items and business needs but they also cater to storage of vehicles which be parked in the self storage facility on rental basis.

  • Businesses may find self storage as a convenient place to store their raw materials, equipment’s, documents, unused office furniture, etc for a short term or long term as per the need.

People and Businesses are attracted to self storage facilities because of the convenience like rent a space for short or long term without any obligation, 24/7 access to the facility so renters can remove or dump few more things, clean and secured spaces to protect against any damages, etc.

Self Storage industry do offer insurance coverage for the items stored in the facility, transport to bring the items to their facility and when you want to take it back to home or office, packing items, other services like cleaning, etc at a minimum cost.

So, if you are moving into a new home, here are 5 things you must look at doing:

1. Organize Your Belongings

If you've been living in an apartment for some time, chances are there are things lying around that you no longer need. Take advantage of the opportunity to purge your belongings by organizing what you still need and throwing away what you don't.

You might be surprised at how much stuff you have accumulated over the years. And if you're anything like me, you'll find yourself spending most of your free time looking for something you misplaced. The best thing you can do is get rid of the clutter and organize everything you own. Start by sorting your clothes into drawers and closets, then go through each room and throw away items you haven't used in months. Once you've gotten rid of the excess, you'll feel lighter and more organized.

2. Clean Out Your Existing Space

It's important to clean out your existing space before moving into a new apartment. This will help you avoid any potential damage to your belongings.

If you're planning on storing items in your home, you should first empty out your wardrobe, basement, garage and other areas where you store things. You should also remove anything from your walls that could fall off if you move them around. Once you've cleaned everything out, you'll be able to see what needs to be moved and what doesn't.

3. Choose The Right Size Unit For Your Needs

If you plan to keep an item for longer than six months, consider renting a larger unit. Larger units offer more room for storing large items, such as furniture, appliances, and vehicles. Smaller units are ideal for storing smaller items, like clothing and small electronics.

When choosing between a 10x10 and 15x15 unit, be sure to take into account what you plan to store inside each space. A 10x10 unit is best if you plan to store a lot of boxes, while a 15x15 unit is better suited for storing larger items, like furniture, appliances or vehicles.

4. Find Out About The Property's Accessibility Features

It's important to find out about the accessibility features of any property before moving in. This includes details such as whether the building has elevators, ramps, and accessible parking spaces.

If you're planning to move into a new home, it's important to know what kind of access features are available. For example, if you have mobility issues, you'll want to look at buildings that offer elevator access. You should also check out the parking situation. Is there enough space for your vehicle? Do you have to park far away from the entrance? These questions can help you determine whether the location is right for you.

5. Find Out About The Property's Security Features

If you plan on storing items at a self storage facility, make sure you understand how secure the facility is. Ask questions about security measures, such as what type of locks are used, who has access to the facility, and how often the doors are monitored.

When choosing a self storage facility, ask if there are cameras monitoring the property. You should also inquire about the types of locks used on the gates and doors. Some facilities use electronic keypad locks, while others use mechanical locks. Also, be aware that some facilities allow tenants to store vehicles inside the building, which means that you could lose control of your vehicle if you leave it unattended. Finally, check whether the facility offers 24/7 video surveillance.

To sum it up, following these steps before before you move into your new place helps you declutter, makes more room for you while you're storing away your belongings in a safe & secure self storage unit. Added bonus: you can leave behind the worries and get peace of mind.

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