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Worker Lifting Cardboard Box

Box Storage for your personal belongings

Book a safe & secure storage space to store your personal belongings with 24*7 CCTV. My Storage Space provides high quality corrugated boxes for all your storage needs and these are available in standard sizes that your goods can easily fit into. Store your books, utensils, clothes, documents in personal storage boxes at low costs.

With no Lock-in, deposit or minimum order, enjoy storage without any strings attached. Avail doorstep pickup for a hassle free storage experience. We also provide insurance coverage for maximum safety of your precious belongings. 

Our boxes are sturdy with dimensions of 2 ft X 1.5 ft X 1.5 ft and can take up to 20 Kgs of weight. While choosing a storage provider, safety and security is a key factor in the decision making process. At My Storage Space, we store your things with utmost care. Our facilities are secured with CCTV cameras to provide 24*7 surveillance. If you need to see your goods remotely or in person, we're more than happy to arrange it for you. 

With economical pricing, we make sure our services are an affordable option for you. Our team of dedicated professionals provide packaging and pickup from the comfort of your homes while you sip on that hot cup of coffee. When you need your goods back, we bring them to you safe & sound with no questions asked.

Book a box storage today and let us do what we do best! 

Box Storage

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